Cathy Hendricks
Business Development

Cathy Hendricks is people-y.

That word might not be found in a dictionary, but it’s been used to describe her — with good reason.

An outgoing personality, a sense of humor and a genuine interest in others are characteristics that have long defined her.

And they’re characteristics that set her apart in business development at Somerville. Cathy thrives in personal interactions and is motivated by learning who people are and how they got to where they are in life.

Cathy connects Somerville’s expertise to the needs of a client through industry research and long-term relationship building. And it’s where she thrives.

Experience in marketing, a brief stint in human resources and an education in business administration all fed her extroverted nature and built a wealth of experience for her resume. But it’s the opportunity to think outside the box, build strong relationships and add value to a client’s world that makes Somerville the right fit for Cathy. When Somerville takes on a client, the team doesn’t simply execute management’s vision. They take the time to explore the essence of the business, to align their approach with that essence, to ensure they add value.

That leads to a satisfied client, and, in this case a very satisfied employee. Somerville’s standards of quality and value were assets Cathy recognized from her first interaction and are what drew her to the company.

As a yoga instructor specializing in prenatal health and addicted to travel, Cathy has lived a life of learning by doing. An attitude that you should give every new experience and relationship a chance. A belief that you need to move forward as a team and see where things take you. And an open-minded desire to get to know everything and everyone.


Education & Affiliations

  • Associates Degree in Marketing and Communications

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Lakeland College

  • Cathy has been a part of the Somerville team since 2017

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