Jay R. Vincent
Executive Vice President / Director of Operations

When Jay Vincent talks about the importance of relationships in Somerville’s work, you may need to ask him to be more specific. The Director of Operations speaks of employees and clients with equal measures of respect –  even referring to them interchangeably when he considers the approach that sets Somerville apart from other firms.

Never take “them” for granted.  Make “their” experience a satisfying and memorable one. Pay attention to what’s important to “them” and go above and beyond in providing it. The clients? The team? He’s talking about both.

In over 30 years with Somerville, he has taken on nearly every aspect of the business and helped steer the ship as the company has evolved into a superior design firm serving the needs of a variety of clients. Within that depth of experience, he has prioritized relationships.

For employees, that means providing a family atmosphere, an opportunity to build a lifetime of learning in their career, and a positive day-to-day work experience. For clients, that means offering quality, affordable service that meets their needs efficiently and exceeds expectations.

Fortunately, he’s the one planting the seeds of the staff/client relationships at Somerville. Jay assigns the architects, designers and support staff to the individual projects, putting the pieces of a puzzle together to create the most complete and complementary set of skills for each project.

His insight into the needs of clients and the skills of staff make him the ideal matchmaker, resulting in project pride and job satisfaction for staff, and a product that meets and often exceeds the client’s needs. For a self-proclaimed “operations guy,” he puts a high premium on the heart and soul of a company: its people. And that means employees and clients alike.

Education & Affiliations

  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, Building Construction Concentration, the University of Wisconsin – Stout
  • Experienced in AutoCAD
  • Jay has been a part of the Somerville team since 1984

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