Shopko Stores

Shopko, Inc.

In 1980, Somerville was contacted by a small but ambitious retail chain to remodel its stores in the Green Bay area. In the more than three decades since then, Somerville has helped Shopko build dozens of new retail locations, a new distribution center, and remodeled hundreds of locations across the nation. Together, we’ve evolved the look and function of the stores, added state-of-the-art pharmacies and optical departments, enhanced efficient operation and shaped a more pleasing customer experience. In working closely together, Shopko and Somerville have built much more than buildings. We’ve helped build each other’s success.



new build / renovation

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Facility Highlights

  • Rebrand the look and function of Shopko’s stores nationwide
  • Additions of state-of-the-art optical and pharmacy departments
  • Reworking of interior layout with all utilities and finishes for merchandising functions
  • Exterior renovations including new entries, logos, color design, parking, and ADA accessibility
  • Redesign of backroom areas including stock, receiving and administrative office areas
  • Construction process designed into distinct phases and areas to maintain clean and operable sales floors at all times
  • Manage multiple simultaneous scheduling of projects in design and construction phases
  • Creation of store prototypes
  • New store designs