Abbotsford School District Addition and Remodel

Abbotsford School District

Somerville, the Abbotsford community, and the strategic focus group of over 150 local citizens worked together to pass the referendum that was used to renovate the middle/senior high school and add an elementary section onto the existing K-12 building. The Abbotsford community was involved from the very beginning stages of the planning process so they would be able to understand the District’s unique challenges and needs. Because of this, the referendum overwhelmingly passed 664 to 289. The referendum also included a community fitness/wellness center, a performing arts area, office renovations, science room remodel, and a K-12 shared gym, cafeteria, and kitchen. The addition brought children together under one roof saving on heating expenses, additional kitchen facilities, and transportation costs.



addition / remodel

project type

85,022 addition

square feet

16,105 renovation

square feet

Facility Highlights

  • K-12 shared gym/cafeteria/kitchen
  • Relocate greenhouse & storage shed, and move city well
  • New Elementary School
  • Replace softball field
  • Successful referendum
  • Renovations to high school/middle school
    • Special ed
    • Fine art
    • Office renovations
    • Science room remodel