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Beyond providing top-notch medical treatment, the best doctors have a special way of putting patients at ease to promote healing and wellness. The same goes for the best healthcare environments.


Well-designed educational environments do more than facilitate learning. They enhance it. They inspire it. They can even serve as tangible examples of sustainable, forward-thinking concepts in practice.


Casinos. Community Centers. Cherished NFL stadiums. At first, they may not seem to have a lot in common. But they share the same goals—to provide unforgettable entertainment experiences for guests, and efficient, hassle-free operation for their owners.


The space in which your business operates says a lot about you. It establishes initial impressions, showcases what you value, and even contributes to or subtracts from your bottom line.

I know that Somerville works with several clients at one time on their building projects.  During our project, I felt like we were their only client.  If I had any questions, ideas or concerns I could count on Somerville working with me.  They were always available when I needed them.  The Somerville team takes great pride in how they work with clients and how the building meets their needs.

Troy D. Edwards Principal, Hillcrest Primary School

Our new ED is not only aesthetically beautiful, but it is highly functional and I couldn’t be happier.  I am not only pleased with the outcome, but the process went about as well as one could envision.  Allowing those of us who work there to collaborate every step of the way contributed to a successful outcome.

Dr. Paul Casey, Director of Emergency Services
Bellin Health

The original Lambeau field that Somerville designed served the Green Bay Packers for many years as one of the premier NFL stadiums.  And their design contribution to the renovation shows that same architectural expertise.  We feel they were invaluable to the success of this project.

Bob Harlan, Former President and CEO
The Green Bay Packers

The facility has provided so much more than we imagined.  It really does change the way people feel about themselves when they come in.  To your credit, I have had more people tell me how wonderful it looks from the outside.  Neighbors that do regular walks around the area have told me how much they enjoy seeing the warm glow at night when the lights come on.  And how they are just so impressed with how much it looks like a home.

Jane Graham Jennings, Executive Director
The Women’s Community, Inc.