Andrew M. DeGrave
Senior Architectural Drafter

Andrew DeGrave brings a little of everything to the table:

An understanding of multiple disciplines? Check.

With a family history in residential construction, Andrew grew up on the worksite, pursued mechanical drafting through a high school apprenticeship program and began his career in high-end residential projects and as an architectural drafter. He moved into commercial work and stepped into Somerville’s plot room in 2009, and then took a mechanical drafter position. Now as senior architectural drafter, he’s heavily cross-trained and ready and willing to step in on everything from fire protection and plumbing drafting to architectural drafting.

A love of learning? Check.

He’s come a long way from go-fer on family jobs. Today his role at Somerville involves him in a wide range of projects, turning architect’s designs into construction documents. A hospital or clinic one day, a school or technical college the next. Office buildings, a diesel truck repair project – the variety of work keeps Andrew going.

An appreciation for the local community? Check.

An avid collector of Green Bay Packers autographs and memorabilia, his team passion runs deep. Somerville’s work on Lambeau Field is a point of pride for him – and a particularly satisfying project.

A willingness to help, an eye for detail and a desire to succeed? Check, check and check.

Andrew takes pride in earning a client’s trust and seeing that client return for continued superior service. He is motivated by the colleagues he enjoys working alongside, who are invested in the company’s success and who share the same goals. And most importantly, a satisfied client receiving the best project his team can provide.

The complete package.

Education & Affiliations

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Andrew has been a part of the Somerville team since 2011

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