Campbellsport Middle-High School Addition & Renovation

Campbellsport School District

Somerville worked with the Campbellsport School District to identify space needs and facility deficiencies in their Middle/High School. Our team met with teachers, support staff, administration, school board members and the community, listening to their concerns and ideas for the future of Campbellsport.

While these meetings were taking place, our in-house engineering professionals conducted a facility evaluation. Our team of engineers visited the school and devoted their time to evaluating the infrastructure and systems. Our goal was to determine if the building could support the District’s vision and determine the long-term viability of the existing building systems.

The culmination of our listening sessions, observations and facility evaluation was a recommendation to replace the oldest portion of the building and a significant remodel of existing space to create a safe, secure, engaging, functional and modern learning environment.

In particular, there was a great need to expand and improve the District’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) program. Our design focused on creating spaces that support cross-curriculum learning. The new STEM lab, with flexible furniture, ample storage, and dry-erase surfaces, is located in the new tech ed wing. The design gives each tech ed discipline a separate, individualized space, yet doors and borrowed-lites allow for access and visibility to support teacher and student collaboration. The use of borrowed-likes from the corridor into the labs reinforces the District’s commitment to STEM.



addition / remodel

project type

67,300 SF


56,380 SF


Facility Highlights

  • Secure entrances and offices
  • STEM and tech ed addition
  • 2-station gym, locker rooms, and multi-purpose space
  • Upgraded, modern science labs
  • Music department, including practice rooms, secure storage, and music technology lab
  • Drama department and auditorium additions