FVTC Regional Training Center

Fox Valley Technical College

The 15,000 square foot Regional Center in Waupaca is one of the most energy efficient and sustainable facilities in the state. The building has been designed utilizing an extremely energy efficient insulated panel system for the walls. This high performance “building skin” allows for dramatic reductions in the HVAC systems and significantly lowered annual heating and cooling costs. In addition, Fox Valley Technical College took a proactive approach to “buy future electricity today.” As a result, one of the largest photovoltaic systems in the state (at the time) was installed at this facility. The design also accommodates future expansion of the photovoltaic system and the ability to further reduce Fox Valley Technical College’s dependency on grid-based electricity.

Another key feature within the facility is the inclusion of solar thermal panels that provide in-floor radiant heat. This allows the facility to effectively harness the sun’s energy to heat the building. During periods of cooling, the solar thermal panels also provide the necessary “reheat” component associated with air conditioning that ensures overall occupant comfort. These sustainable systems are monitored and tracked for educational advancements.



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