Horseshoe Bay Community and Country Club

Horseshoe Bay Farms

Set on a pristine parcel of land in scenic Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, Horseshoe Bay Farms is a cozy residential development that includes six groups of five condominium cottages plus a variety of buildings intended for common use by members. From the construction of new buildings to the expansion of the member clubhouse and updating of a historic golf barn, the project involved a wide spectrum of architectural design. Drawing inspiration from rural building forms and making creative use of natural materials native to the region, the development perfectly reflects the heritage and character of the surrounding Door County area. The cottages mix five different floor plans, varying from 1,400 to 1,900 square feet, along with exterior variations to create a diverse yet interwoven traditional neighborhood feel.

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Facility Highlights

  • This 12-acre portion of the development includes six groupings of five condominium cottages with a common green and tennis courts.
  • The design reflects the heritage and character of Door County through the use of natural and native materials and classic rural building forms.
  • The cottages include five different plans and exterior variations which are mixed throughout the area to produce a diverse and traditional neighborhood feel.
  • Each cottage includes one uncovered parking stall and one enclosed garage stall.
  • Screened porches and vernacular forms create the ideal development.