Josh Bernhardt
Business Development


Josh Bernhardt has long appreciated Somerville’s signature projects in his hometown and beyond. But he sees more than the architecture and design in this work. He sees a reflection of his own passion for thriving communities.

Well-designed schools mean better education for our children. Thoughtful solutions to workplace challenges mean a better work environment for all employees. Josh sees the listening, understanding and co-creating that Somerville’s teams employ in their work contributing to the bigger picture of attracting talent, welcoming families and building community. His appreciation for the architecture, engineering and design work of Somerville are rooted in his desire to see the community succeed and see a high quality of life for everyone.

Bernhardt’s business development role makes him an initial point of contact in the community and a key Somerville representative while out and about, and it’s a responsibility he couldn’t be more excited about. Somerville’s priority on good design and meaningful relationships supports Josh’s goals of building new connections and fostering existing partnerships that support clients in their needs. Josh sees himself as a key part in the Somerville team, learning the stories of people and organizations and connecting their needs to the highly-skilled and deeply talented Somerville team.

Born and raised in the greater Green Bay area, Josh appreciates the company’s own deep roots in the history of the neighborhoods around him and more than 70 years creating cornerstone pieces of our community.

As the fourth of five children, Josh puts a premium on time spent with family and friends. His passion for music has led to roles in music theater, and his active involvement in his church includes music as well as serving as a youth leader and mentor. He and his wife love the outdoors, but life has been a little busier lately with a growing family taking up some of that formerly free time. Still, warmer weather will find them out on the water, soaking up those Wisconsin summer days.

Education & Affiliations

  • Master of Business Administration, Lakeland University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
  • Leadership Green Bay
  • Northeast Wisconsin Regional Economic Development Partners (NEWREP) – Board Member
  • Josh has been a part of the Somerville team since 2020

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