MPTC Energy Education Center

Moriane Park Technical College

MPTC wanted to improve and expand their utility and technology programs at their Beaver Dam campus. The staff and professors at MPTC and Somerville’s design team worked together to design a 4,400 square foot, state-of-the-art, facility, the Energy Education Center. The building is an addition to the existing main campus and includes a 2,700 square foot lab, storage area and restrooms. Each student work area will include all necessary utility connections simulating real-life work environments. The lab is designed for flexibility, accommodating classroom settings and demonstrations, as well as other simulation activities for the Gas Utility program, the Electrical Utility program or other curriculum. All utilities and technology are designed to be well within reach everywhere in the space.

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Facility Highlights

  • New welding materials storage building
  • Addition to the maintenance storage garage
  • Simulation area consisting of eight small buildings used for utility curriculum
  • Extensive use of glass, allowing natural light into the lab space, while “advertising” MPTC’s modern learning space
  • Use of design elements such as brick, metal panel and signage continuing the branding of the campus shared with prior additions by Somerville.
  • The addition gives the campus a new identity on the highly visible north side.