Sara Kvitek
Executive Vice President / Director of Finance

Sara Kvitek isn’t much of an artist. She doesn’t know a lot about electrical systems. Nor can she design spaces that inspire the soul. But that doesn’t stop her from helping to create many of Somerville’s finest building projects.

That’s because what Sara does is essential for allowing Somerville’s talented staff of architects, engineers and designers do what they do best.

As Director of Finance, Sara performs a variety of accounting and financial reporting functions, helping to ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget. She also works behind the scenes to support the efforts of all Somerville employees.

As Sara sees it, her job is “to remove the worry for Somerville employees so that they can focus on delivering the very best for our clients.” In doing so, she helps everyone on the team perform better. And that makes Sara Kvitek one of the most important team members to contribute to every Somerville project.

Education & Affiliations

  • Associate Degree in Accounting, Lakeshore Technical College – Cleveland, Wisconsin

  • Experienced in Microsoft Office Suite and Deltek Vision

  • Sara has been a part of the Somerville team since 2000

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