Susie C Altmayer Elementary School

Unified School District of De Pere

Somerville was chosen as the Architect to conduct a site study to assist the District in identifying the criteria for site selection for a new Elementary School. The study listed the pros and cons of the District’s chosen sites.

After a site was chosen by the District, Somerville completed the design of the new school for 650 students with collaboration from existing elementary school staff and District Administration. The new school was designed with a roundabout entrance to facilitate student drop-off, and the building is positioned on the site to allow for future growth.  The future school addition on this site allows the school to accommodate a total of 1,400 students.

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Facility Highlights

  • 2-story elementary school with capacity for 650 students
  • Early Childhood Classrooms
  • 6 Kindergarten and First Grade Classrooms
  • 5 Second, Third, and Fourth Grade Classrooms
  • 2 Multi-Grade Extra Classrooms
  • Special Needs Classroom
  • Art and Music Rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Living Skills Lab
  • Commons space with natural lighting
  • IMC / Library
  • Community Room
  • Referendum