Tamarine Wessing
Senior Architectural Designer

Tamarine Wessing’s earliest memories of construction date back to helping alongside her dad, an engineer who designed and built their cottage near Marinette. Drafting class in high school led her to after-school projects and a post-secondary internship in drafting work. Today, she provides the floor plans and models that bring life to the architects’ drawings. From the grand beauty of the Green Bay Botanical Garden to schools designed as collaborative spaces for team-based work, her drafting, design, renderings, construction documents and drawings turn a project from idea to reality.

Tamarine’s goal is to create the sense of place that makes good design – bringing together how people engage with their surroundings and the building itself. Success? That would be a functional space that makes people feel welcome and excited to be there.

Her work tells the story. When clients want to know the potential of a structure, her renderings promote the design and engage them to think of the space in a new way, creating excitement about a project when it’s still in its early, imaginative stages.

Tamarine thrives working alongside seasoned architects with portfolios of spectacular work that push her to excel and grow with each project of her own. The long-term relationships Somerville has built with clients are a legacy of commitment she is proud to continue. Tamarine has succeeded in pursuing the work she went to school for, doing what she loves at a company with team-based goals and a positive environment. And she looks forward to the day when she is the seasoned veteran, using her years of dedication and experience to mentor the new best and brightest taking up the reins.

Education & Affiliations

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Masters Degree in Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Tamarine has been a part of the Somerville team since 2016

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