Timothy Bostedt
Associate / Project Manager


Tim Bostedt’s title may be Project Manager, but to those around him, he’s really the hourglass.

As the main point of contact on a project, he takes it all in – the questions, the requests, the information – funnels it through his over 25 years of experience in several different roles with Somerville and disseminates it to the staff.

Tim started as a draftsperson and worked his way up through the architectural field. After five years as a spec writer he returned to architectural design and project management. That unique path instilled a versatility and big-picture knowledge that has been crucial to his work as a key resource through all aspects of the architectural process. From guiding the less-experienced staffers to bringing a fresh perspective to the work of senior-level architects and designers he’s able to step in where needed.

His role as a well-rounded and valuable resource to both colleagues and contractors is not simply a role that his experience and talent have positioned him for. It’s something he appreciates and enjoys. It wasn’t that long ago that a project architect lent his own expertise to help Tim develop his skills and advance in his career, and he hasn’t forgotten the value of that mentor relationship.

Tim’s work on schools, prisons, office buildings, retail centers, nursing homes and more lets him be the “hourglass,” sifting through a bit of the chaos so he can distribute the most critical information to those who need it most when they need it most. As that funnel, he can ensure quality and efficiency for those whose work he’s directing.

He sees his role a little more simply: Help everyone succeed. 

Education & Affiliations

  • Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

  • Construction Specification Institute (CSI) – Member

  • Experienced in Revit and AutoCad
  • Timothy has been a part of the Somerville team since 1993

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