CCCP Engineering & Design Center

Camera Corner Connecting Point

This project consisted of the remodel of a former lab and office building into a new home for the engineering and design services of one of our long-time clients. Somerville worked closely with Camera Corner Connecting Point to repurpose the existing building and give it a new life.

The final design included the removal of a portion of the existing building to allow for a more efficient use of the site and the addition of stormwater management. The portion of the building that remained was updated inside and out to provide a new and modern space for staff and clients. On the outside of the building, larger windows were added to bring additional light into the building. A new color scheme and materials visually tie the new building into the original Camera Corner Connecting Point retail building and create a cohesive corporate campus. On the inside of the building a new entry and waiting area greets guests, while a new break room and modern finishes create a fresh work environment for staff.

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Facility Highlights

  • Repurposing of an existing structure in an urban setting
  • Secure entry
  • Flexible, open office environment
  • Several new team work spaces and conference rooms
  • New and larger windows for additional natural light
  • New breakroom and updated restrooms for staff
  • Upgraded and energy efficient lighting
  • Corporate branding incorporated into interior and exterior material selections