Parkview Middle-High School

Parkview School District

Somerville was awarded a contract with the Parkview School District to assist the district with facility planning services. Somerville worked with the district and the community-based facilities study team to gather feedback from the citizens about their schools and how they wished to improve the educational facilities for the children of their community. The study also included an assessment of each of the three district buildings (one junior/high school and two elementary schools), an investigation of the infrastructure, safety, accessibility, energy efficiency, growth capacity, educational adequacy assessment, technology access, community areas and site plan traffic flow, as well as possible green space options. Along with the study, Somerville provided options for future additions/remodels for each of the district’s buildings, which ultimately lead to a successful referendum.

The existing Parkview Elementary School in Orfordville has been renovated and a new addition has been created to turn the existing building into a new modern junior/high school building. The new addition includes a 3-station gym, band and choir rooms, science labs, and woods and metals technology education labs. Remodeled 21st-century learning spaces include a library media center, new classrooms, business education lab, and cafeteria/commons.

The primary school in Footville was closed and all pre-k thru 6th graders now attend one school in Orfordville, saving the District busing costs as well as the operating costs of an additional building. The existing junior/high school in Orfordville was converted to a centralized pre-k thru 6th grade elementary school. The existing junior/high school was built in the 1950’s as an elementary school and has shorter door heights and ceilings which made it perfect to be converted back to its original state as an elementary school. The new elementary campus was remodeled to include a new 4K center, new HVAC system, updated classrooms, corridors, LMC and cafeteria, renovated restrooms, and secure entrances.



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Facility Highlights

  • 3-Station Gym
  • Modern commons, kitchen, concessions, multi-function space
  • Secure entrance