Tammy DetervilleSenior Architectural Drafter

Tammy Deterville
Senior Architectural Drafter

Email 920-593-3855 Tammy Deterville puts her skills to work at the drafting desk – when she’s not putting them to work at home. Tammy drew up the plans to build her new house in Bellevue, mapping out exactly what she’s looking for in a forever home. With her brother...
Abraham Ploeger  Architectural Drafter

Abraham Ploeger
Architectural Drafter

Email 920-593-3822 Psychology may not always be associated with architecture, but it’s what drew Abraham Ploeger to the profession. It’s the idea of creating a lasting structure that will have an impact on people’s lives in ways they don’t even recognize. Even those...
Neil Yunk Architect

Neil Yunk

LEED® Green Associate, AIA Email 920-593-3847 For someone who loves the outdoors so much, Neil Yunk sure spends a lot of time working to improve people’s indoor experiences. The drawing and sketching of Neil’s youth gave way to a career in architecture, and that...
Chuck Wischow  Associate / Project Manager

Chuck Wischow
Associate / Project Manager

AIA Associate Email 920-593-3852 Chances are, Chuck Wischow doesn’t make a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He makes a perfect PB & J. The jelly is complemented in perfect ratio by the peanut butter. The crusts on each side are perfectly aligned. And the...
Dan Wiitanen  Associate / Project Architect

Dan Wiitanen
Associate / Project Architect

AIA, LEED® AP Email 920-593-3863 What’s old is new again. Or it can be if you do it right. From the time he was a child more interested in drawing the geometric lines of manmade objects than the trees and flowers the other kids were coloring, Dan Wiitanen has had an...