Neil Yunk Architect

Neil Yunk

LEED® Green Associate, AIA Email 920-593-3847 For someone who loves the outdoors so much, Neil Yunk sure spends a lot of time working to improve people’s indoor experiences. The drawing and sketching of Neil’s youth gave way to a career in architecture, and that...
Chuck Wischow  Associate / Project Manager

Chuck Wischow
Associate / Project Manager

AIA Associate Email 920-593-3852 Chances are, Chuck Wischow doesn’t make a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He makes a perfect PB & J. The jelly is complemented in perfect ratio by the peanut butter. The crusts on each side are perfectly aligned. And the...
Dan Wiitanen  Associate / Project Architect

Dan Wiitanen
Associate / Project Architect

AIA, LEED® AP Email 920-593-3863 What’s old is new again. Or it can be if you do it right. From the time he was a child more interested in drawing the geometric lines of manmade objects than the trees and flowers the other kids were coloring, Dan Wiitanen has had an...
Tamarine Wessing  Architectural Designer

Tamarine Wessing
Architectural Designer

Email 920-593-3856 Tamarine Wessing’s earliest memories of construction date back to helping alongside her dad, an engineer who designed and built their cottage near Marinette. Drafting class in high school led her to after-school projects and a post-secondary...
Rustin Schwandt  Architect

Rustin Schwandt

NCARB, AIA, LEED® Green Associate Email 920-593-3837 If you’re working in one of Rustin Schwandt’s buildings and you pause at your desk to gaze out the window at the snowfall, then he’s got you right where he wants you. People often notice a building’s design when it...