Planning + Support

Building projects are often bold visions for the future. To turn those visions into reality, supporters must often convince others to embrace their dream as well.

After more than seven decades of managing projects both large and small, we know this– the more time and effort spent planning beforehand, the fewer issues and questions you’ll have to deal with later. Somerville’s planning + support services can ensure your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

That’s why Somerville offers a variety of support services to assist in the effort, from comprehensive referendum planning and public presentation support to fund-raising and direct mail campaign design and management. Somerville can also assist with grant applications, commissioning and bid management.

Finally, our experienced and highly respected staff can also be called upon to provide expert testimony for litigation purposes.

planning + support capabilities

Referenda Support

Fundraising Support

Facility Assessments

Accessibility & ADA Surveys

3rd Party Construction Observation

Code Compliance Analysis

Master Planning

Needs Assessments

Renderings & Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Site Analysis / Site Selection


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