Brett Schreiber Mechanical Drafter

Brett Schreiber
Mechanical Drafter

Email 920-593-3827 Sometimes it’s the limitations you face that give you the most freedom. Brett Schreiber’s mechanical drafting skills are needed in all sorts of spaces – from tight quarters with low ceilings to areas with impeding structures that require an extra...
Jaden Doornink  Mechanical Drafter

Jaden Doornink
Mechanical Drafter

Email 920-593-3807 Jaden Doornink has experienced all sides of the design and construction industry through his education and internships. But with experience in multiple aspects of the business, there was no question he’d return to Somerville, the company that best...
Kurt Barnard  Senior Electrical Project Engineer

Kurt Barnard
Senior Electrical Project Engineer

PE Email 920-593-3865 Building blocks of experiences have been assembled over the years to bring Kurt Barnard to the role of Senior Electrical Project Engineer for Somerville. His dad was a general contractor who had all three boys working for him as they grew up,...
Nick LaFaive  Electrical Designer

Nick LaFaive
Electrical Designer

Email 920-593-3805 Nick LaFaive’s grandfather was his role model in more ways than one. He was Nick’s mentor, the sort of hero that a grandpa is to a grandson. But Nick also looked up to him for his hard work and skill in electrical engineering, his grandfather’s...
Troy Theis Senior Designer of Electrical Engineering Systems

Troy Theis
Senior Designer of Electrical Engineering Systems

DES Email 920-593-3850 To Troy Theis, efficiency is king. When it comes to electricity, there’s not a watt to waste. And when he finds a way to save a bit of power– or effort or money– he gets, well, amped. Sometimes it’s by suggesting the use of new technology, such...