Jaclyn Spice Office Manager

Jaclyn Spice
Office Manager

Email 920-593-3840 Jaclyn Spice has been surrounded by a large “family” her whole life – both biological and chosen. So, although Somerville was a smaller firm than her previous employer, the opportunity to work more closely with the team around her – in a genuine and...
Josh Bernhardt Business Development

Josh Bernhardt
Business Development

MBA Email 920-593-3832 Josh Bernhardt has long appreciated Somerville’s signature projects in his hometown and beyond. But he sees more than the architecture and design in this work. He sees a reflection of his own passion for thriving communities. Well-designed...
Tracy B. Strehlow  Senior Project Coordinator

Tracy B. Strehlow
Senior Project Coordinator

Email 920-593-3824 When organization, accuracy and efficiency are your strong suits, those skills will shine through in all aspects of life. From shuttling the kids to sporting events and researching the best colleges to ensuring contractors have submitted the proper...
Heather Nohr-Valley
Director of Marketing & Branding

Heather Nohr-Valley

Director of Marketing & Branding

Email 920-593-3842 Heather knows how to make a first impression. Heck, she knows how to make a second and third impression, too. It is, after all, what she does as the person responsible for shepherding Somerville’s marketing efforts. If you’ve attended a Somerville...
Lori LemmenProject Coordinator

Lori Lemmen
Project Coordinator

Email 920-593-3817 When it rains, it pours, and that’s when Lori Lemmen is most at home in her work. As project coordinator, she has days of frenzied work on project drawings, requests for information and other paperwork, then days of catching up on much less urgent...